Towns in Vermilion Parish Louisiana

Pecan Island

As you travel south on Hwy. 82 to Pecan Island, enjoy the drive through marshland inhabited by alligator, deer, nutria and native birds and other waterfowl. Don't hesitate to stop at the roadside turnarounds for a little fishing, crabbing or just to inhale and exhilarate at the beauty of the open marsh and its elusive inhabitants. For information on recreational fishing/crabbing, please visit Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries' website.

Pecan Island is a great place to enjoy Vermilion Parish's "outback" as it is a peaceful place to relax and take in the surroundings. You'll notice many of the homes that have been turned into hunting and fishing camps after Hurricanes Rita and Ike caused many residents to move to the northern parts of the parish. While you're in the area, perhaps you'd like to visit Freshwater City, the home to oil industry docks, the Freshwater Bayou Lock and the Gulf of Mexico.

Fun fact about Pecan Island:

The Morgan Effigy, a deer antler carving dating back to 700-1000 AD, was found in Pecan Island while a company was excavating a dirt mound (later determined to be an Indian mound). Coles Creek Indians were once known to inhabit the area around Pecan Island. The Morgan Effigy and other Native American artifacts are on display at the Abbeville Cultural & Historical Alliance/Vermilion Parish Tourist Commission.

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