Towns in Vermilion Parish Louisiana

Intracoastal City

Intracoastal City is the nearest access to Vermilion Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in this region, but don't expect a bustling city with a large population. Throughout the years, Intracoastal City evolved into servicing the area's oil and shrimp industries. After the destruction of Hurricane Rita's flooding and the downturn of the oil industry, Intracoastal City is mostly a homebase for the shrimping and fishing industry. Many recreational fishermen dock out of the Abbeville Harbor and Terminal Boat Launch to try their luck for saltwater fish and crabs. For information on recreational fishing/crabbing or to obtain a fishing license, visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries webpage.

Further south of Intracoastal, you should not miss the Leland Bowman Lock on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Intracoastal Waterway is a partially manmade canal inland of the Gulf of Mexico, stretching from Texas to Florida, that allows water transportation. The Leland Bowman Lock, operated by the Army Corp of Engineers, helps to regulate the flow of water in the Mermentau District compromising much more than the entire parish of Vermilion. Two hundred thirty-eight (238) miles of the Intracoastal Canal falls under the Leland Bowman Lock's supervision. This system of keeping salt water out of the fresh water supply that serves the farming communities further north, while allowing the flow of transportation by commodity carrying barges, is fully computerized and interesting to watch.

The drive to the gate at Leland Bowman is public and the surrounding cattail marshes are filled with water lilies and wire grass. All established areas here were built up out of the marshlands for habitation purposes. Once you reach the gates, you are granted permission to enter by calling ahead - 337-893-6790. Keep in mind that Homeland Security does affect visitation rights. But once there, we recommend that you pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under the shelter of the Lock's gazebo. If you bring your binoculars and camera, you're in for a treat since the surrounding marsh is teeming with local flora and fauna.

Fun Fact about Intracoastal City:

During World War II, German U-boats sank 90 crude oil ships neat the Intracoastal Canal that were traveling from Texas to New Orleans.  

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