Towns in Vermilion Parish Louisiana

Forked Island

Forked Island, pronounced (fork'-id) by the locals, is located where LA 82 begins. Don't expect any red lights in this community. It's just enjoyable, rural, country. But, the locals know what's happening and where to shop and eat. Maw & Paw's, at the foot of the bridge, offers tons of bait and tackle. Next door, the Cajun Diner is rumored to fix shrimp burgers to die for. If you're inclined, stop off at Skinney's, where you'll find a recliner behind the bar. Cuz Road, just before the junction of LA 82 and LA 35, brings you to a dead end. This old ferry landing used to connect drivers to lands on the south side of the Intracoastal Waterway and is a great place to sit and watch barges going east to Intracoastal City or west to Cameron Parish and beyond. Cross the Forked Island Bridge and head down Pine Island Road. You'll find an old crab processing plant that was built in the 70's but never opened for business. There's a great little fishing spot right past it. Continue and you'll find a camp that the locals call the Movie Star Camp. It belonged to Debra Paget and is still privately owned by the family. The levees behind the camp take you to the community of Florence, where Ms. Paget's husband hunted until purchasing his own area. If you need anything while you're in the area, Stelly's opens at 4:30 AM and you can get just about anything for your trip, whether it's pizza, fishing equipment or Cajun Reeboks. Alligator farms can be located along the way where the reptiles are raised to maturity from eggs collected in the wild. While the farms aren't open for tours, you can locate a Roseate and Egret rookery across from one of them. A short drove ahead brings you to Little Prairie and a swing-span bridge over the old Intracoastal Waterway. This is prime birding territory and with so much nature to look at, you'll want to retrace your steps on the way back and take it in again. Good idea.

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